he book "Pałace i dwory dawnych Prus Wschodnich” (“Mansions and manor houses in old East Prussia”) includes such information about the manor-park complex in Jełmuń: "Old, small landed estate delightfully situated by Allmoyen Lake about 6 kilometers north-west from Sorkwity. Clear landscaping of a typical composition, beautifully situated in the landscape. The manor house is situated on a hill, in the middle of the complex, between the park leading towards the shore of the lake and the quadrangle of the barnyard. In the park, the broad view of the lake has been maintained.”

This classical manor house comes from the first half of 19th century.

From 1795 Manor house Allmoyen belonged to the family von Woisky. In 1928 the manor house was acquired by Zuhlke family and was owned by this family until December 1944 when its owners had to flee. The post-war history of the manor house was banal – similarly to other landed estates taken over in 1945 by the state. People’s government established State Agricultural Farm (PGR) in Allmoyen and its workers lived in the manor house. In 2000 the ruined manor house and the park which has run wild found a new owner – Barbara Trzeciak, PhD in sociology who bought it from the State Treasury.